The Anime Club in Action

by Phoebe Sirotin

The Anime Club was established two years ago by Miko Z. (12) and Qing Yu C. (12). According to Miko, the club was established because after having moved to ASW from the Hong Kong International School, he “missed [his] previous school’s Anime club.”

The anime club (picture not drawn as anime)

Since then, participation has grown and the club now has 11 to 13 students attending each meeting.

“I like the openness of the club, no matter how long you’ve been a fan of anime you will be accepted with open arms,” says Sven Elbert, a member of the High School Anime Club. “I joined in 10th grade barely knowing what anime was, but through watching it with other people that are so open, I grew to like anime a lot, and also became closer to everyone.”

According to Miko, “The purpose of the club is to watch anime, and to talk about it! That’s really it! Even if you don’t know anime, but want to get into it, we’re really interested in hearing what you have to say about the anime.”

He also encourages people to join if they are looking for a way to relax and unwind from the stress and work that accompanies High School and the DP Program.

Before each meeting, a poll is sent to members of the club so everyone can vote for which anime they would like to see in the next meeting. Normally, the club fits in 2 twenty-minute episodes per meeting, or part of a full-length anime movie. Afterwards, members are encouraged to join in for the podcasting session of the club, which normally lasts about 10 minutes. Members discuss their thoughts on the anime and the podcast also counts for CAS.

According to Sven, a member of the club, “these discussions are very interesting, and even if your knowledge of anime is limited you will still find a way to participate.”

When asked how the anime club is different than other clubs, Sven pointed out that the no-stress and pressure free atmosphere was something he found unique from other clubs. “Sometimes clubs just put more things on your shoulders; you become more stressed and you don’t feel like going to the club anymore. Our club being so relaxing is different than most clubs. You get to sit down watch something interesting and after that just have a friendly discussion with everyone. You never have the feeling of pressure or stress with our club.”

Moreover, when asked what he likes most about the club, Sven has said he likes how accepting the club is, and that “if someone is scared to join the club because they know nothing about anime, they shouldn’t be. As the club has some of the nicest and most understanding people in our school.”

Meetings are every Wednesday after school from 3:40 to 4:40 in Mr. Cokerdem’s room. If you’re interested, feel free to contact Miko ( or Qing Yu (

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