UN Day is Coming!

by Anna Pesthy

ASW’s UN day will be held this Thursday, the 19th of October.

UN day calls attention to the United Nations. The main theme of this organization is to maintain international peace and security, and to protect human rights. The UN helps people to maintain their rights. As it famously declares in its founding Charter, “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”

Photo by Anna Pesthy

ASW students come from around 55 countries all around the world.

According to Ms. Sirotin, the organizer of the UN day, “The day is important for us as a community because it gives everyone a chance to see a different side of the people we meet everyday at school. It improves our understanding of each other as individuals and as representatives of an amazing and diverse range of cultures.”

At this event, the students can try the unique cuisine of each country represented by a table set up in the school. They can also gain information about each country’s history and culture.

This year, around 33 countries will represent their special colors.

As Ms. Kohanecz, the organizer of the Hungarian table said, “UN day gives us a better chance of knowing each other. It helps to gain appreciation, acceptance and better understanding of the other person we are with in our everyday life. The tables of each country reflects the country’s characteristics.”

In the opinion of Taylor B. (grade 10), who is helping with the American table, “I think UN day is a nice day because it brings people together.”

Haruka S. (grade 10), whose mom is organizing the Japanese table, said, “I feel like UN day is a good opportunity to get to know other countries and their cultures and dishes all together.”

The UN day on Thursday will begin with an assembly in the Annex Gym. There is only one change the PTO is making, which is that the Potluck lunch will not be held on the same day as UN day. It will happen after the Autumn Break, in the same week as Thanksgiving.

Also, all indoor programs that would take place after school in the gyms on Wednesday and Thursday will be cancelled due to preparations for the event.

On UN Day, various performances will take place in the old gym next to the cafeteria from about 10pm to 14:30pm.


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