Is Haruka’s Bag as Basic as She Says it Is?

Welcome back to this month’s edition of “What’s in my backpack?” Our subject of today owns the same bag as half the girls in the school, including me, Haruka S! Haruka would describe her style as basic, however, it is apparent from what she wears, there is a little more to it than that.


Bag Choice

Fjallraven Kanken embellishes the center of Haruka’s backpack, “This bag is simple, yet so complex, it was made in Sweden and designed to help with back posture, which I need a lot. I guess I’ll wear it until it breaks, but I’ll keep it for traveling.”



IMG_5950Laptop Case

Adorned with a checkered white and pink pattern is Haruka’s laptop case which houses her school issued Macbook Air. “Back when the school had Dell computers, we needed to carry them in separate bags to avoid damage to them. When we switched over to Apple in middle school, my mom sewed me this case for the computer, I’ve had it ever since!”




Arguably, the most essential thing in Haruka’s backpack is her lunchbox. An aesthetically pleasing teal hue matches well with both the bag and the laptop case. Haruka adds that, “I don’t buy school lunch usually, so it makes sense that I’d have a case like this,” she laughs, “I think I might’ve bought lunch last Wednesday, but that was because I forgot the box at home.”



“[Waving around five pln] Yeah, I got cash right now, but 3/4ths of the time I am absolutely broke.” This and over six bus tickets, some used some not, are the contents of Haruka’s wallet. The light blue billfold was gifted to her last Christmas from Defne A. Haruka loves it because it takes up minimal space in her backpack which leaves room for whatever she may need in the future.


IMG_5954Ear Buds

“I live in Wilanow, which means I take the public bus a ton, usually I just listen to music on it to pass the time.” Haruka plugs into pop or rap music, and thanks to a shared Spotify Premium account she can listen anywhere. “I’ve had these earbuds for over two years, I’m surprised that they haven’t broken yet!”



“For what it’s worth, I’ve gotten a lot of use out of my calculator, despite the cost.” The calculator in question? A TI-84 Plus, straight from the Office. Since we are studying quadratics this unit, this has come in handy more than a couple times when I need to check my answer.” Unlike my friends, I haven’t had to charge my calculator ever since I bought it last year. In fact, I don’t even know how to charge it, let’s hope it never loses battery!” She laughs.


Keep your eyes peeled next month for the third edition of What’s in My Backpack? Who knows, maybe you could be next!

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