Coffee House #3 This Friday

by Grace Oh & Denny Cheong

This Friday, November 3rd, the ASW Coffee House comes back for the third time in the 2017-2018 school year.

In this Coffee House, there will be 5 performances from our ASW community: A comedy skit from Studio C by Robby P. and Gideon B. and musical performances from Ella D. (9), Alex X. (10), Denice V. (11), Reda R. (11) and our very own ASW choir.

Ella D. (9), who sang “Little Things” by One Direction in the 1st Coffee House this year, will be performing either “My Face” by Grace Vanderwaal or “This is Gospel” by Panic!AT The Disco with a possible guest.

“I performed at the first coffee house so my nerves are a bit calmer than they were at first, but it’s still very nerve-wrecking,” Ella said.

Alex Xu (10) will be playing the song “Armada” by Asal Kau Bahagia.

“I’ve been wanting to play for the coffee house for quite a while now,” said Alex. “I love to perform and spread good music. This time, I wanted to just push myself and challenge the fear I have performing in front of a lot of people.”

Reda Raubaite (11) and Denice Visalda (11) will be performing a cover of “Bring It all back” by Dodie and Sarah Close together.

“I am a bit nervous because I have a difficult part to sing,” said Reda. “Also, the coffee houses in our school are very popular so a lot of people will come. That makes me a bit nervous, too, but I’m very excited. I get to do what I love with the best people. Denice and I would usually perform separately in the concerts that were happening in our school, but we really wanted to try and perform together one day.”

The ASW Choir Club will be performing “Say Something” by A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera.

Candy C. (11), a member of the choir, said, “I feel a little bit nervous now since we won’t have the music sheet with us when performing. I wish we could perform well in coffee house, it will be wonderful if we manage to do so!”

After these 5 performances on Friday, the next Coffee House will be on December 1st.

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