Mr. Sheehan Promises Grade 9s a Return to Częstochowa

By: Fiona Haze and Sophia Ciolek

From the 19th to the 22nd of September, the ninth graders spent three nights not far from Częstochowa on their “Journey to Adventure” trip. Due to rainy weather, the students couldn’t complete two of the trip’s key events: rock-climbing and entering a cave. The rock was too slippery to climb on and the chambers in the cave had become flooded. Therefore, the activities were cancelled.

A very rainy trip. Photo by Ms. Staffa.

Mr. Sheehan promised that the class of 2021 would come back to have a chance to experience the activities they missed.

Mr. Sheehan later explained that “we would return to Częstochowa so that the students have an opportunity to complete all of the challenges we had planned for them on the Journey to Adventure. One of the most memorable experiences, whether students actually do it or not, is the cave. Those who attempt it, those who conquer it, or those who help others take on the challenge are enriched by the experience. There is incredible energy and emotion displayed at the cave, which helps bring the group even closer together. When we return, we would likely go back for one night, possibly two, and we would partake in the rock climbing activity as well.”

“I am a huge supporter of this adventure,” continued Mr. Sheehan. “Having been on the trip two times, it really has me thinking about how we can continue this kind of experience for the grade 10 and 11 students. The seniors have their retreat, but as you know, the sophomores and juniors do not have a class trip.”

According to Mr. Sheehan, the timing of a return trip is uncertain.“On the last night of the trip I did tell the students that by the time they graduated from ASW, they will have had the opportunity to return. I will not break that promise,” he said.

9th grade students have mixed emotions about going back. John R. said, “Yes, I would want to go back.”

Michal D. liked the trip, but thought that it was too bad that the cave was closed because of the rain. He says that he would do it again only if there was no rain and if it was warmer, and that he had a positive experience from the trip.

Marcelina C. stated, “I think the trip was a good experience and it made our grade come closer with each other. People were getting to know others and seeing how different they are then what they thought they were. I would want to go back but maybe somewhere in May or June so it would be less rainy. This would give us more activities which help us bond with each other. I think my experience was mostly positive mainly because I have gone camping before so I knew what I had to do. This trip helped me get to know my grade even though I have just joined the school. My favorite part was the evening of the first night when everyone was telling inspiring stories and getting to know other people. These stories were relatable yet giving us all the laughs and smiles we could get.”

For now, there is no date set for a return 9th-grade trip.

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