ASW Rockets Soar into the Sky

by Sua Yoo

After months of hard work and dedication, the HS design classes launched their air rockets during the last week of October. All 35 students from the HS Intro to Design class took part. Rockets reached up to 80 meters up the sky.

An ASW rocket, ready to soar. Photo by Sua Yoo.

Driven by the motivation of creating a rocket, students have been following the MYP design cycle keenly since September. From researching existing models to creating their own creative design, they constructed their own rocket model from head to toe.

During the launch, each student had three launches to measure the maximum height and test the durability of the rocket. On each launch, three volunteers used Estes Alti Trak Altitude Finders to calculate the height of the rockets, using basic trigonometry.

ASW’s Cape Canaveral-like track, temporarily converted into a launch pad. Photo by Sua Yoo.

The bleak winter cold didn’t stop the students from staying outdoors to launch the result of their effort. 10th-grade student Minseok K. said, “The weather was freezing but we endured through it to see our rockets fly high.”

Mr. Campbell, the head of the ASW design department, has been carrying out this project for 6 or 7 years now with a wide variety of students. He says, “It is evident that students are getting better at researching and implementing effective rocket design and I am better able to assist them in achieving good results.”

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