Why the Super Short Wednesdays?

By Annabell Werner

Have you ever wondered why we have so many half days off and not just a few full days off? Or why they are usually on Wednesdays? Warrior News has the answer.

Over the course of this school year, we’ve had several half days for Professional Development. A lot of students have also wondered why we don’t just combine two of those to end up with one day completely off.

According to Ms. Berntson, teachers use both half and full PD days to work on specific goals and for this year these are mostly re-accreditation. This means that these dates are scheduled “in order to make sure that we have the free time at the right time in the calendar to accomplish these goals. That is why we have half days this semester,” said Ms. Berntson.

She further states that “schools are accredited by outside agencies who have requirements in order to re-accredit the school.” This means that during this time, teachers have sessions to gather the necessary information and evidence for those institutions.

On other occasions teachers use PD days for professional development, so having workshops, listening to speakers, etc. in order to teach even better.

According to Ms. Berntson, the staff came to the conclusion that Wednesday would be the best day for PD because travelling teams, which usually leave on Thursday, won’t make coaches miss the meetings.

Ms. Berntson further explained that both the exact amount of half- and full PD days varies from year to year, based on what goals our school has. “It could be that next year we have more full days, because we have different tasks and goals that we have to do,” she said.

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