Just How Many Books are in the ASW Library?

By Yoo Jin Lim

Students from ES and Upper School visit the school library frequently to read books and study during free block. But how much of what the library has to offer are we using? Warrior News has the answers.

Louisa hard at work. Photo by Yoo Jin Lim

The ASW library is open from 7:30 to 4:30 pm every weekday (it closes at 4:00 pm on Fridays).

According to Upper School Librarian Ms. McComb, “Approximately 750 people come into the library per day and 42,500 books are checked out every year.”

As of November 8th 2017, there are 45,064 books in the library, and 3,330 of them are checked out. In addition, Elementary and Upper School students who enjoy reading electronically check out kindle books that are available in the library. The library owns 12 kindles for ES, 70 kindles for the Upper School, and 960 Kindle books are available for Upper School.

Surprisingly, 1,087 books from the library are overdue or possibly lost. According to ASW Elementary Librarian Mrs. James, students have to “pay a standard fee of 70 PLN if they lose their book, and they get the money back when they find it.”  

The ASW Library. Photo by Yoo Jin Lim.

The most popular books in the library are all the books by Raina Telgemeier who writes cartoons such as Smile, Drama, Sisters, and Ghost. For the Upper School, Animal Farm by George Orwell was the most checked-out book.

The library’s fiction section has recently been “genrefied,” and each genre has its more popular books. Historical fiction’s most popular book is Between Shades of Gray; The Nest dominates horror; Word Nerd is a popular work of realistic fiction; Harry Potter, a predictable pick, is popular in fantasy; adventure readers frequently check out Rise of the Wolf; and dystopian fiction is dominated by, of course, Hunger Games.

The 42,500 books in the library are mostly chosen by the ASW librarians. To find books that the students will enjoy reading, the librarians “read book reviews in library journals and blogs, look at award winning books, and take student and teacher recommendations,” said Ms. McComb.

For students who are devoted readers and are interested in finding new friends to discuss books with, the library has book clubs and challenges. There are five book clubs for Upper School: Grade 6, 7, 8, 9 to 10, and 11 to 12. The book challenges include Wrapped Up in Reading for grade 3, Golden Dragon and Battle of the Books for grade 4 to 5, 100 Book Challenge for Middle School, and the All Day Read-in for High school.


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