Varsity Volleyball Returns from Moscow

by Haruka Shimizu

The varsity girls volleyball team completed their last tournament for this season in Moscow from November 9-12th. They placed 7th but received the sportsmanship award.

At this CEESA girls’ volleyball tournament in Moscow, Russia, 8 teams from different schools were present, competing against each other.

According to the members of the team, some of their games were very tough but they were able to work together throughout and complete the matches well. According to Jiwon K, one of the members of the girls’ varsity volleyball team, “I think we improved greatly during the one game against Prague, and we played the best as a team.”

The players were able to bond and create new friends during the season within their team, as well as players from other teams. Jiwon adds that one of the fun parts of the trip was when they played rock-paper-scissors before the volleyball tournament began.

During this year’s volleyball season, the varsity girls team competed in 3 tournaments: an Invitational tournament in Vienna, the SCIS tournament in Budapest, and CEESA in Moscow.

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