Book Fair Starts Today!

By Anna Pesthy

The PTO Book fair will be held at ASW on the 21st and 22nd of November, from 8am to 6pm on Tuesday and from 9am to 3pm on Wednesday.

Photo by Anna Pesthy.

Most of the book will be around 20-50 pln in price.

Mr Mason, the head of the PTO organization, is  arranging the PTO Book Fair at our school. According to Mr. Mason, “An external contractor, working for ABE who are a distributor of ‘foreign’ books in Poland, will be bringing approximately 3,500 books to the School, these then will be spread across 50 tables. “

“There should be more than enough books to suit everybody’s taste,” said Mr. Mason, “from ages 2 & 3 all the way up through the School grades & beyond ie fairytales to fantasy sci-fi to cook books and coffee table style, music reference books. Dont worry ! If your needs are a travel companion, a good night story or indeed a gift, you’ll find more than one title to suit your needs”

9th-grade student Fiona H. is looking forward to the Book Fair. “I really like the variety of books at the Book Fair and I like how the PTO gathers money in a fun way,” she said. “I love reading because you have a space where you can try out a different world than your own and can imagine things in your own unique way.”

Photo by Anna Pesthy.

According to Mr. Mason, the Book Fair generates a great deal of money for the school. “How this event generates money is that the PTO get ‘a cut’ from each sale,” he said. “Last year, this amounted to just over 10,000pln which was then 100% given to the Library Team. The Library then uses this money then for their respective needs. For example, they recently put wheels put on some bookshelves so that they can ‘open up’ a large floor area in the Library quickly and easily if required for performances.”

As Stephen King said, “ Books are uniquely portable magic.” I know that now you are wondering “What did he mean by that?,” but I will not be that kind and tell you. Just sit down, and think about it for a moment by yourself. Then go to the Book Fair.

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