International Potluck Moved to November this Year

By Sneha Ramshanker

During lunch this Tuesday, the high schoolers gathered in the cafeteria to enjoy a delicious ‘international’ potluck lunch prepared by the high school parents. The potluck featured a wide variety of cuisines including food from Korea, Poland, India, and America.

This potluck is an annual tradition at ASW and typically occurs in mid-October, during UN week. The purpose of the lunch is to increase cultural awareness by introducing the students to various traditional delicacies. However, this year, the potluck took place in Mid-November, right before thanksgiving.

This sudden change has surprised many students. Is it a change for the better?

“I like that the potluck is in November. We eat a lot of food on UN day anyway so we don’t get to enjoy the potluck as much. Now, I think we can appreciate the food a bit better,” said Dominik B. (12)

“I think the way it was organized this year was nice,” said Qing Yu. C (12). “If it was on UN day, there would be too much stuff at once. Now, because it is two separate events, we get more food overall which is nice.”

Many students found the food to be quite delicious. “Free food always tastes good. The Korean food was the best though,” said Qing Yu. C (12).

However, some believe that the potluck could have been organized slightly better. “By the time our lunch started, all the food was cold,” said Dominik. B (12)

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