Human Rights-Themed Coffee House Tomorrow

by Grace Oh

ASW Coffee House is back this Friday, December 1st, but this time, with a theme.

This Friday, the Coffee House is coming back as a Human Rights Coffee House. From this week’s coffee house, you can expect a lot of songs that are related to peace and equality.

Photo by Grace Oh.

Five performers are expected to perform this week, Ella D. (9) with her ukulele, Sara M. (12) with a poem, Vlad V. (11) ,Michal G. (11) and Guy B. (11) will perform a song together, and a, teacher Marcin S., with a solo performance.

Sara M. (12), is the organiser of the coffee house, explained that this week’s theme was proposed by Kate J.(12), a senior who is involved with the Amnesty International School Club. “I think that having themes is a good idea for the coffee house, possible this could be repeated throughout the year,” said Sara. “Although, I also think the theme may become a restraint of some sort, because the songs or sketches have to be in a specific theme or topic.”

Sara M. (12) will also be reading a poem, she doesn’t know which poem she will present yet.

“I am very excited to perform in the Human Rights Coffee House because I love coffee house in general, but this one in particular is supposed to send out a good message and I am glad I can contribute to that, even minimally,” said Sara. “I think coffee house is a great way for the high school community to bond and spend time together. I think it’s important for the community amongst everybody’s busy lives, especially during the IB. I hope that this coffee house will remind people to be more open and considerate of one another.”

She added, “I think that this time will be particularly special due to the theme. I hope it is appreciated by the audience.”

Michal G. (11), Vlad V. (11) and Guy B. (11) might be performing “Imagine” by John Lennon together, though they are not sure.

“I just like performing in coffee house,” said Michal G. (11), a guitarist. “Coffee house is not a profound activity in school. When people come to coffee house, they aren’t really exited about the peace but about the music. I like the family vibe of the coffee house and it’s fun. It also works for CAS for creativity.”

When asked about what kind of audience he wants the song to be heard by, Michal G. (11) said, “I just want my girlfriend to listen to my song,” as he hugged his girlfriend.

The Human Rights Coffee House will take place Friday, December 1 during lunch.

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