Igor M.: Hidden Celebrity

by Grace Oh and Denny Cheong

It all started during summer break when Igor M.’s brother, a graphic design student, was using Photoshop to create images. Out of curiosity, Igor asked his brother to teach him Photoshop, and subsequently had classes with him every day.

Now Igor, a 9th grader, has an instagram account named football_showcase. It currently has around 2500 followers.

Igor’s Instagram.

“After a couple of edits, my brother thought they were not that bad, so I decided to start an Instagram account,” said Igor. Since he was a huge soccer fan, he decided to make an instagram account that revolved around soccer.

He currently has gotten some recognition from one of the biggest Chelsea fan pages and from soccer players as well such as Miralem Pjanic (a player from Juventus), which has helped with the amount of followers he has. He currently works with Maxwel Cornet (a player from Lyon FC), and Gelson Fernandes (a player from Eintracht Frankfurt). They have featured his edits in their stories and this helps his follower count go up.

“I try to be as creative as possible in my content and that is what I think separates me from certain accounts,” said Igor. “I try to interact with my audience as much as possible. I try to fulfill my followers’ expectation and I do giveaways as well. I normally have brush pack giveaways, A3 paper of my edits, and shoutouts to the person that won the giveaway.”

“I realize that I’m in the beginning of my journey and I can ensure you that I will try my best to keep growing, because I believe when you love what you do, you will surely succeed.”

Igor’s instagram account is available at  https://www.instagram.com/football_showcase/.

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