Soundtrack of My Life with Guy

by Sara Motlik

The ASW community is filled with interesting personalities, and this series aims to discover the musical favourites of high school students with alternative and tastes in music. This month, we interviewed Guy B., an 11th grader in whose life music plays a very important role. He has his own band and a lot to say about his favourite artists.

Warrior News: What is the first band or first artist you remember really liking?

Guy: I really liked Bruno Mars when I first heard him. might be surprising, because now I’m into some very different stuff. but his voice and the melody really appealed to me. I was in like 7th grade. before that, I hadn’t really been into music, more into art.

WN: What would you say your top three genres are that you listen to the most?

GB: My top 3 genres are, in no particular order, Britpop, hard rock, and grunge. I love 90’s music, and most of my favourite bands and music comes from then. Since a lot of that stuff was inspired by the 60’s, I love all that stuff, and I’m a massive Beatles fan. I love the Rolling Stones, the Who, Grateful Dead, etc. 60’s and 90’s were definitely the best decades for music.

WN: Do you have a go-to song or playlist for studying? If so, what is it?

GB: I don’t really listen to music when I’m studying, it usually distracts me because I love it so much. but I do listen to Chopin a bit, it reminds me of how incredible classical musicians are, and makes me thankful for all of the people who pioneered music.

WN: Since you are also a musician, what songs do you like performing the most? Are they in-line with what you like listening to?

GB: I love to perform punk music, it’s got that energy, and it’s the kind of stuff you can change on the spot. My band Redrum and I do that a lot. we usually start off playing the song and around two-thirds of the way through we start doing crazy stuff like playing the guitars with drumsticks and Thurston Moore type things. Since I’m also a singer, I love to sing songs with really good lyrics and melody, which is why I’m very excited to play some of our own stuff. We’re actually writing an album, and it’s probably my favourite things to practice or play at the moment.


WN: If you could have dinner with any artist or band, who would it be and why (top three is okay if you cannot decide)

GB: Dinner with the Gallagher brothers of Oasis, the best band ever, would be nice. Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins just because he seems crazy, and Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance because he’s a musical genius and I love everything he’s made.

WN: What is your current favourite song and why?

GB: Probably “Cigarettes and Alcohol” by Oasis, it’s got a swagger which is amazing, and the riffs on that song are mind-blowing. Second place goes to Mayonnaise by Smashing Pumpkins, because it’s pretty much perfect.

WN: Is there a band or singer who you could without a doubt say is your favourite? And if so, who and why? How long have you been listening?

GB: OASIS!! I love oasis so much, I’ve been listening to them since the beginning of the summer, and I’ve fallen in love. They pretty much brought everything great about rock and put it together with a punk attitude. The melodies are amazing, the riffs and solos are incredible. Their acoustic tracks are equally as good, though. I think they can do everything. The best album of all time is their debut, Definitely Maybe.

WN: How has your music taste changed over the last five years?

GB: I have changed a TON over the last five years. In sixth grade I didn’t listen to anything really, except what my dad played, which was awesome. He always played the Stones and Bruce Springsteen, maybe a Nirvana record every once in awhile. He really inspired me to get into music. He’s played the guitar for years, and he’s way better than me.

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