Career Fair is Coming

by Denny Cheong

The ASW Career Fair will be here next week on Tuesday, February 6th.

During the Career Fair, there will be a variety of speakers explaining their careers to their audience while answering some of the questions or doubts that they might have. The Career Fair is normally held once every two years.

“Career Fair is an opportunity for students to discover and explore different career possibilities,” said Mr. Munnerlyn, a high school counsellor.  “It will take place in various rooms around the school, but mainly in the high school.”

All students are welcome to attend the Career Fair.

Jaco Ottink, owner and founder of Beyond Summits, will be coming to speak as the keynote speaker. He is one of the few people who has conquered Mt. Everest and is coming to speak in ASW about the challenges he has faced and overcame, and how you can do the same.

“We hope students are able to explore careers which interest them,” said Mr. Munnerlyn. “Students should expect to interact with leading professionals in a variety of fields. Their experience and what they share can be extremely helpful for the future.”

Students who attended the last ASW Career Fair in 2016 found it to be a worthwhile endeavour. According to Igne B. (11), the Career Fair was a “valuable experience” as it was “really informative”

“There were a variety of sessions and I found everyone to be super open and interesting. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the career representatives,” said Lucas G. (11), speaking about the 2016 Career Fair.

Although most were able to have a valuable experience in the Career Fair, some students wanted to see a bit more from it.

“In this year’s Career Fair, I would like to see more careers related to science because last time, it was more revolved around business. Also I would like to learn not only about what they do, but the things they did to be in the profession they are in,” said Grace O. (11).


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