Back Gate Closure Causes a Traffic Conundrum

by Michał Korczewski

As of Tuesday, February 6th, ASW’s back gate is closed to traffic.

According to an email from the ASW Director, Mr.Zurfluh, “We have lost access to the road that provides access to the back of the campus.” This means that teachers, students, and parents will need to use the main entrance exclusively to enter and leave the school grounds.

In an email to ASW parents, Mr.Zurfluh explains that “the paving that was added in 2016 crosses small pieces of property that still belong to the Hinkfuss family (Owners of the land that some of the paving crosses).” A small barrier (Seen below) has been placed on the edge of the road heading towards the school grounds. Meanwhile, according to Mr. Zurfluh, “The matter is adjudicated in the courts,” which gives hope the issue will be solved in the coming months.

Near the now-closed back entrance, a lonely traffic cone reflects on the poor life choices that brought it to this point. Photo by Michal Korczewski

So how will the 20-30% population that Mr.Zurfluh estimates uses the back gate effect the main gate? Tuesday at around 3:45, the traffic started near the high school entrance, stretched all the way to the main gate, and moved quite slowly. In addition to this, the traffic lights at the roundabout might be adding on to the issue as they are too long to allow traffic to flow through freely, causing a backup of cars all the way back to the school gates. Although this will hopefully improve as the community gets more acquainted with the main gate, it’s a factor that’s quite important at this time.

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