As ASW Budgets Come Due, We ask: How Much Does a School Cost?

By Jake Lupu

The month of January is a busy one for teachers, not just because it’s the end of the first semester, but also because it’s the period when they have to put in a list of all the materials that need to be bought for next year. The form then gets reviewed by the principals, and they in turn submit a total budget which makes up a budget for the entire school – basically everything necessary to run a school – that the board of trustees are to review and approve.

According to Mr. Young, the ASW Finance Director, the end of January is the due date for teachers to fill in their order because of the time necessary for the budget to be approved. It also takes a couple of months for the consolidator – a company that buy all the supplies from other, smaller companies and puts everything in a warehouse, ready to be shipped all the same time – to acquire everything.

If supplies do get left out, said Mr. Young, there is a chance that the materials may still come with the first shipment if the order is put in by May; if not, there is a second shipment in November that brings the remaining school supplies.

While the process is a lengthy one, the approximation of the numbers is too. For the next school year, 2018/2019, the numbers have been broken down into three main categories: Elementary School, Middle School, and High School. According to Mr. Young, the materials, equipments, and supplies for Elementary School will be 309,718 PLN and $88,842; for Middle School 264,327 PLN and $69,299; and for High School it will be 102,346 PLN and $15,716.

According to Global Property Guide, the average cost of an apartment for sale in the Mokotov area was roughly 1 million PLN in August 2017. So, across all sections of the schools (ES-HS), and combining PLN with dollars, there would be enough money spent to have bought an apartment, and there would be around 27 000 PLN extra.

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