Rose and Chocolate Sales End Today

by Grace Oh

This week and last, the Clubs and Events council have been selling roses and chocolate to high school students for Valentines Day.

According to Amy O. (12), the leader of the council,  the money from the sale “is planning go to the leadership council so we can use it to make better events, like the ice skating event. “

Amy went on to say that “Compared to last year, the sales of the roses went down. I think this is because, unlike last year, this year we are selling chocolate for people who feel less romantic. On the other hand, in general, the sales are going well especially with the underclassmen.”

Amy also explained her theory as to why the upperclassmen weren’t buying a lot of roses. “I don’t think it’s because of IB because last year a lot of seniors bought them. I think just the dynamics change every year.”

“The sales are going really great” said JiEun Y. (11), the secretary of the council. “The goal of this sale is not to make money, but it is to share love.”

Students outside the council seem to view the Valentine’s Day sale in a positive light. “I think it’s good to be able to show affection for another person by the use of the Valentine’s Day sale,” said Denny C. (11).

“The Valentine’s Day sale seems like a nice way to celebrate Valentine’s Day,” said Mr. Taylor. “But I am always worried some people would end up getting lots of valentines and some would get none. The people who get none would end up feeling sad.”

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