ASW to Host First Ever ZYGMUN Conference

by Annabell Werner

From April 12 till April 14th, 2018 the American School of Warsaw will host their first annual MUN Conference, called ZYGMUN.

ZYGMUN logo, designed by Jihyeon Kim.

At an Model United Nations (MUN) conference, each student delegate gets a certain country assigned. The delegate then has to act according to this country’s policy towards a certain topic in the debate that depends on each committee.

This year our school will host the first annual ZYGMUN conference, which will also be the first student-originated conference at ASW, according to Tomek D. the Secretary-General and main organizer of the event. “We set it up because we thought it’s about time our school stepped up it’s MUN game and became an MUN power in Warsaw,” said Tomek.

The name, ZYGMUN, comes from Zygmunt Władysław IV, who moved the capital of Poland from Krakow to Warsaw.

ZYGMUN will follow the theme of “Unity – The Key to Maintaining Peace, Prosperity, and Security” and  will have three committees: Security Council, which will debate “Preventing a nuclear threat posed by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”, Human Rights Council with the topic “Addressing the prevention of child marriage,” and a Political Committee, addressing “the territorial claims in the Gaza Strip.”

In those committees, there will be a total of 60 delegates. “Currently we have delegates coming from Norway and Greece as well as schools around Warsaw and rest of Poland,” said Tomek D.

One of those students is Julia O. who is excited to represent the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in Human Rights Council. “I want to be an active MUN delegate and learn as much as possible. I love MUN and I just joined recently.” For her, this is the second MUN conference that she will attend.  “It being at our school, with our peers for chairs, and also that it will be my second conference- all these will contribute to making this experience a new one.”

For Denny C., who already attended a conference in his previous school, stated “I am attending ZYGMUN because I feel like that I will have a good experience there. I expect to have a fun time with the delegates and to have an enjoyable time at the conference.”

CAS, as well as the fact that the conference is held at our school, was a motivation shared between the delegates in order to sign up.

For Alex B. it will be the first time chairing a committee at a conference.”I enjoyed ACMUN very much and wanted to provide a similar experience for people at ZYGMUN,” he said. He is chairng in the Political Committee together with Ian W. “I expect it will be a good start to the many conferences that will come in the future.”

Anyone under 20 and that is “interested in solving world problems and debating things from different points of view and learning about country policies,” as Tomek D. stated, was able to sign up.

“We expect a small but high quality conference that is going to grow over the years,” said Tomek D. “We hope that this will become a legacy, something that future ASW generations can remember the class of 2019.”

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