Cameron’s Goodbye to ASW

Cameron G. Some may know him from the 10th grade, others from the softball team, maybe a crucial stage crafter of the play, or as just a passing face in the hallway. Despite all of this, there is one known fact about this student, after being at ASW for three years, he is moving away next month.

But to where? Which country could this mans be moving to? Out of all 195 countries in the world, it seems that Cameron’s family has decided to relocate from the slavic suburbs to the mzansi metropolis, otherwise known as South Africa.

When asked why his family was moving there, Cameron stated that it was, “because my dad’s work.” This is very typical of an expat family at ASW.

Cameron enjoying the beach

 “I will be focusing on school work and will be making sure my grades are good. AISJ is an IB school very similar to ASW so I don’t see transitioning being too difficult.”

Being in a completely different hemisphere will prove to have some interesting implications for Cameron. Many adjustments and the impending threat of some serious culture shock could be a possibility as he has never lived in Africa before. “South Africa is on a totally different continent thus I will be getting used to the seasons being flipped and being near third world countries. Other than that I have not really looked into many differences between Poland and South Africa, I will learn as I go.”

80s Aesthetic

“I will definitely miss my friends and teachers here in Warsaw. I will miss living in Warsaw as well because I am used to the way things are here.”

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