Mr. Moon Leaving ASW for Singapore

By Jeong Bin Lee

Less than 2 years ago, Warrior News introduced a new History and Economics teacher, Mr. Moon, through a profile (check this article). After this school year, however, Mr. Moon will sadly depart to enlighten a different international school in Singapore with his economical wisdom and his-story.

Archival footage of Mr. Moon arriving at ASW 2 years ago. Photo by Jeong Bin Lee.

Like most cases, Mr. Moon was directly contacted and recruited from his previous workplace by ASW. He decided to leave his comfortable position and come to Poland due to ASW’s renowned reputation which also presented him with an exciting task of providing a more academic challenge for students. Now, he is transferring to the Canadian International School in Singapore (CIS) which is also authorized as an IB World School. He will stay for at least 2 years and he has not much of a plan whether he will remain longer or move on.   

Mr. Moon departing ASW in the same shirt in which he arrived. Strange. Photo by Jeong Bing Lee.

When asked about his first time entering ASW, he explained that new teachers visit the school about 2 weeks before the first day of school and have a week to get oriented to the vast hallways of the school. Mr. Moon was eager to meet the kids as well as his future colleagues.

There are various hard aspects of being a teacher (and an international one at that). “In general, teaching is more work than people realize. Teachers aren’t as valued for their work,” said Mr. Moon. According to Mr. Moon, one of the hardest aspects of teaching is “making kids feel rewarded but giving honest grades.” This is especially true for high schoolers at the IB diploma program.

Mr. Moon recounts this year’s lock down drill as one of the more memorable school days when he witnessed a cluster of 11th graders, whom he doesn’t teach, sharing his room and their cohesive interaction standing out as very impressive and notable. Outside of school, he excitedly recollects his weekend in the Polish city of Toruń which he found very charming and picturesque. To add on, he wished to have seen more of Poland, such as the city of Gdanśk.  

One of the minor downsides of working at ASW was not being able to interact much with regular Polish people outside of school and getting to know them. Alternatively, however, he got to really know and be familiar with the Polish staff at ASW such as the office ladies as well as the cleaning ladies.

Like high schoolers at the career fair or during course selections, adults are also occasionally faced with desire for new, different careers. In Mr. Moon’s case, he truly enjoys teaching so he hasn’t thought much about changing professions. However, he admits that he has thought about how his teaching skills could be used for other jobs. He has also been interested in other school jobs, such as the role of a counsellor or perhaps as the financial manager, but he foresees remaining a regular, peaceful classroom teacher with stressed out IB students.

Mr. Moon is undoubtedly an adventurer and his transfer to Singapore represents ASW core values of “Making the whole world your classroom” and “stepping forward to make things happen.”

The advice Mr. Moon would give to ASW students is to “enjoy the learning process more and do not focus too much on the grades. The issue is that students are too stressed over the grades. Focus on the learning, then the grades will come naturally.”

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