Mr. Young’s First Year at ASW Comes to a Close

By Phoebe Sirotin

As the school year comes to an end, so does the first year at ASW for Mr. Jim Young, the Director of Finance and Operations.

Previously, Mr. Young worked for Ogilvy & Mather Advertising in Warsaw from 2002-2017. He “arrived to Warsaw in 1996, transferring from KPMG in New York to the Warsaw office.”

Mr. Young hard at work in the ASW Finance Office. Photo by Phoebe Sirotin.

He came to work at ASW, because when he learned a position was available, he “was very interested in applying since [he] wanted to work in an environment where [he] could make a significant contribution using [his] professional skills while feeling more purpose and self-satisfaction from [his] work.” Furthermore, he has said that “it has been everything [he] hoped for and [he is] very happy to be at ASW.”

When asked if there was anything notable in the school’s finances this year, Mr. Young said that there were more students this year than had been previously expected. This increased enrollment meant higher income to cover the costs of running the school.

In regards to any changes being implemented in the finance department for the next school year, Mr. Young said that no large changes would occur. He did, however, state that there would be an “increased allocation of finances to spend on capital investment,” in order to “continue improving the school grounds and buildings.”

Mr. Young has also said that there is nothing he wishes would have been been done or implemented better in this past year, and that “nothing went wrong.” There was “[no case] that [he could] say, ‘Oh, this would have done better this year’.”

According to Mr. Young, the primary financial goal of the Board was to “replenish emergency reserves.” Emergency reserves are allocations of finances that are reserved for emergencies. The school is supposed to keep 25% of its operating costs of cash in case it is needed for something, such as unexpected costs or reduced enrolment. This serves as a sort of “safety net” for the school.

Finally, Mr. Young noted that “thanks to strong enrollment, … we have been able to strengthen the financial status of the school quicker than planned, so we’re on a good path.”


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