11th Grade at Work on Wide Variety of EE Topics

By Grace Oh and Denny Cheong

For this year’s Extended Essay, ASW students have chosen a wide range of 15 subjects to write on, including dance, art, psychology, and language.

Mr. Beach, busy memorising every students’ EE research question. Photo by Grace Oh.

Right now, the juniors are just starting to take initial steps in finding their topic and more specifically their research question.

“I chose to do my EE on chemistry because it’s something that I plan on studying in the future. My EE research question is on how different types of bleach affect the health of hair,” said Jieun You (11).  

“My EE is about French Literature and I am planning to compare two French texts,” said Maja Piatek (11).

Bridgit Kalmar (11) said “My question is “To what extent can physical and/or emotional abuse and neglect in a dysfunctional household have lifelong effects on children? I also chose to do my EE on psychology because I see myself taking it in university.”

While most extended essays are written based on research, some decided to do experiments. “I had an initial idea to test how players react to female playing in voice chat since sometimes female characters become more derogatory compared to the usual male. For example, when a female enters the game, since females usually don’t play video games, it is kind of ‘wow’ thing, and males treat them differently,” said Anna J. (11).

According to Mr. Beach’s statistics, there are a few students who are doing their extended essay on courses that are not in our school. Two people are doing their extended essay on dance, one is doing it in environmental systems and societies, and two people are doing their extended essay on world studies.

From the junior grade, eight people are doing their extended essay on language, six are doing it on art, sixteen students are doing it on science, and twenty one juniors are doing it on social studies. From all the subjects, the most chosen one to do an extended essay was psychology, having 8 students.

However, there are some juniors that have not finalized a subject yet. According to Mr. Beach,, 20 juniors haven’t found a supervisor yet, which is one of the first steps to take when doing the EE. As teachers can usually supervise a maximum of 3 students, it is sometimes hard for students to find supervisors.

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