ASW Librarian Heads Home

by Natalia Sosna

Whether it is helping out students with finding helpful resources or leading engaging book club discussions, Ms.McComb has become a familiar face at the ASW library. After 5 years of inspiring students to discover a passion for reading, the librarian will be saying goodbye to our ASW community.

Photo by Natalia Sosna.

As she spends her final weeks here at our school, Ms.McComb has plans on taking a year off to travel and adventure back to her hometown in Canada. She will be sure to enjoy the company of her family as she appreciates the unique qualities the seaside has to offer.

“I look forward to seeing big cedar trees and mountains, smelling the salt air of the Pacific Ocean, and eating some delicious barbecued wild sockeye salmon,” said Ms.McComb.

Coming from a small town called Sidney in British Columbia, moving to Warsaw was definitely a struggle at first. Ms.McComb recalls moving to the bustling city of Warsaw for the first time, having to adjust to the new system of living and the confusing Polish language.

“There were SO many challenges moving to ASW and living in Warsaw.  Some were simple things that seem silly now. You have to wave to get some busses to stop and then press the button or the door won’t open. If you don’t know that the L with a line is pronounced as a W, it is really hard to find Łazienki Park!”

Luckily, despite facing many challenges, Ms.McComb says she can’t believe how much she has learned about Warsaw and Polish culture. With this knowledge, Ms.McComb has really embraced the international and cultural diversity within our school walls. Although there were many factors that made her experience at ASW so valuable, the people that make up our student body and faculty staff are definitely a highlight for the MS/HS librarian. In these past 5 years, Ms. McComb has had to opportunity to watch young kids grow up to become the mature students they are today, providing help on every step of the way.

An avid reader, Ms. McComb’s infectious passion for reading has inspired many to embark upon their reading journey or perhaps join the exuberant book discussions that our ASW book club has to offer. Reading has played a big part in the librarian’s everyday life here, as she summarizes her ASW experience in 3 words: “books, books, books.”

As the end of the year comes near, our kind-hearted librarian will be leaving ASW, facing the future ahead of her, but also remembering to look back at her ASW memories with a smile.

“It has been a privilege to be part of your lives. I will miss you.”

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