Zimbabwe Will Be a Long Way from Warsaw

by Yoo Jin Lim

Louisa W., a member of the Junior Varsity basketball team, Varsity soccer team, and the ASW string quartet will be moving away to Zimbabwe, a country in southern Africa, at the end of this month.

After being at ASW for four years, Louisa will be attending Harare International School (HIS) in Harare, Zimbabwe. HIS will be the seventh school Louisa has attended.

Photo by Mia Wetzel.

Similar to most families at ASW, Louisa stated that the reason for moving to Zimbabwe is due to her dad’s job, “He is currently a U.S. diplomat working in Afghanistan, and we are going to a new post”. Being the first time for Louisa to experience the distinctive landscape and wildlife of Africa, Louisa expressed excitement of moving to Zimbabwe, “I am extremely excited to see safaris and experiencing different cultures. I am looking forward to meet new people and become good friends with them.” She continues, “also, there is a basketball/soccer team in Harare International School, and I would like to be a member of that team”.

According to Louisa, life in Harare will be “very difficult. There will be guards roaming around my house along with a maid and gardener living with my happy family.”

According to the CIA World Factbook, Zimbabwe is the 28th poorest country on earth, as measured by GDP per capita.

While she is excited for the new adventure, Louisa could not hide the sadness of leaving Poland and concerns of moving to a country that she has never lived in. “I will miss a lot about Warsaw such as the city itself and the amazing school, but mostly my friends here in Warsaw. I hope that I could keep in touch with my friends and teachers”, she said. “I have fears of diseases in Africa”, she added. “I hope that I could stay healthy in Zimbabwe.”

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