Mr. and Mrs. Raggio Are Off to Japan

By Amelie Rehbein

In 2013, a power couple known as “The Raggios” came to ASW. Now, after five years, Mr. and Mrs. Raggio are leaving Warsaw and going to Tokyo in order to begin a new adventure.

Mr. Raggio has been the coach for many sports seasons such as basketball, soccer and track and field and also played a major role in the PE department. His words of wisdom as well as funny remarks such as “yala goofy” have made him someone to look forward to seeing in the hallways. Mr. Raggio’s sideways peace sign greeting and sunglasses have made him a well-known icon throughout ASW.

Mrs. Raggio seems to be everywhere and seems to be there for everyone. She is the high school counselor for students with last names ranging from L to Z. Have a problem with your schedule? Mrs. Raggio is there for you. Do you need help dealing with a school or personal issues? Her door is open. Need help with your college applications? She’ll help you. Mrs.Raggio seems to always knows what to do.

When asked what they enjoyed the most about being part of the ASW community, both had similar answers. Mrs. Raggio found it hard to express her favourite part but after a while said, “The ASW community is a place that embrasses people and brings people together. Everyone wants to be part of a community and everyone makes each other feel welcomed.”

As we all know, Mr.Raggio has humorous character which is why when we asked what he will remember about Warsaw, we weren’t surprised at his initial short and quick response.

“The Kielbasas”

He later added he will miss the Teacher Softball Tournament and Mrs.Raggio added that she will miss the Warsaw weather.

Although ASW and Warsaw have greats attributes, the Raggios are looking forward to exploring Tokyo.  “I’m excited to be closer to many skiing districts as well as to be part of a bigger school and experience a new culture,” said Mrs. Raggio.

Mr. Raggio stated simple, “Surfing. And no, I’m not scared of being eaten by a shark.”

Both of them will be teaching at the American School in Japan, located in Tokyo. Mrs. Raggio will once again be a high school counselor and will continue to inspire and help students while Mr. Raggio will get to share his humorous character with sixth graders, as he will be a middle school PE teacher.

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