Ms. Michalyca Coming Home

by Zofia Ciolek

After spending eleven years in ASW, Ms. Michalyca, currently teaching grade 7 Social Studies, will be returning to her hometown in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

Many students from older grade levels might associate her classes with interesting and challenging projects such as the Roman Power Project, the Kraków Trip Video or memorising the Canadian provinces and being able to place them all on the map by mid seventh grade.

Since her hometown is all the way on the other side of the Atlantic, she is definitely looking forward to spending more time with her niece, especially since the latter is going to be a senior during the next school year. Ms. Michalyca also states jokingly that she “will get to torture her in her final year of high school as [she] may be teaching at her school.”

Thinking back through the long time that Ms. Michalyca has been teaching at ASW, she recalls that one of her favourite memories of this school had been singing 80’s tunes with her students and having them request that type of music in her class and school dances. However, her all time favourite memory of ASW’s students is when her class performed monologues based on the characters from The Misfits by James Howe. She also adds that the ‘18 seniors should be “smiling right now” as she found all the videos of the performances on her Google Drive not long ago!

As she is leaving, Ms. Michalyca admits that she will miss all of her favourite students (of whom there were many) and the many amazing woman such as Ms Kisler, Ms. Linehan, Ms. Ward, Ms. Hay, Ms. Martinez, Ms. Gebert, Ms. Leszczyńska, Ms. Pawlik, Ms. Killilea and many other middle school teachers such as Mr. Ptak, Mr. Gaspersich and Mr. Stutz. She adds that they have had a lot of fun having formed amazing teams supporting one another in and out of school.

When it comes to Warsaw, she states that her favourite thing about the city was that it’s very easy to jump on a bus, tram or metro to meet friends with ease about anywhere, especially when taking her dog along for the adventure. Apples and strawberries have been her all time favourites in Poland and she’ll surely miss having access to all the great produce all year round. She concludes by stating that her third favourite thing “is sitting at outdoor cafes relaxing with my friends!”


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