Notes on Camp: The 9th Grade Journey to Adventure

By Adam Whitmore and Theo Wyatt On September 2nd, the 9th grade embarked on their first trip of the year. The freshmen travelled to Jura, a region in southern Poland known for its beautiful rock patterns and castles. The trip was described as “a huge success” by Mr. Adam Gąsiejewski, 9th grade humanities teacher. He also commented that “all the objectives of the trip, like … Continue reading Notes on Camp: The 9th Grade Journey to Adventure

New Faces: Mr. Simon

by Annabell Werner With a new school year starting, ASW gained new members to the community. One of them is Mr. Noel Simon, a new addition to the Learning Support department. Mr. Simon and his wife, who is originally from Ohio, US, moved here from Beijing, China, where they worked at the Western Academy of Beijing. According to Mr. Simon, the decision of moving here … Continue reading New Faces: Mr. Simon

ASW Launches Alumni Website

By Jeong Bin Lee The ASW Communications Office is developing a new alumni platform project to bring ASW alumni together in a variety of ways. Although the project is to be officially introduced after Christmas, Warrior News was permitted to present the project early in hopes of encouraging the current seniors (class of 2019) to start signing up. As the name implies, the alumni platform … Continue reading ASW Launches Alumni Website

ASW First-Ever MYP Personal Projects Begin

By Vera Jagielski Wouldn’t it be nice to dedicate a year to a project that you have always wanted to do or you never knew you wanted to do? Well, this year’s 10th graders, the first ASW grade to do the MYP Personal Project, have the chance to do exactly that. The personal project is a year-long project during which the students create either some … Continue reading ASW First-Ever MYP Personal Projects Begin

Senior Retreat a special moment for ASW

By Denny Cheong and Grace Oh The Senior Retreat is the last class trip ASW students get to go on; that fact separates it from the other class trips ASW ran this year. The seniors left school grounds on Thursday, September 6th, after taking the senior hoodies pictures at 8:30. After arriving in a camp called Rancho, the seniors partook in a load of activities … Continue reading Senior Retreat a special moment for ASW

Mysterious Fire Drill (Who’s the Perp?)

Perp as in perpetrator. On September 17th, at approximately 1:35, during an overtime assembly that was eating into DP lunch, the fire alarm was set off. The entire school exited the building and went to their designated meeting spots. This may have seemed like a routine fire drill, but there was one problem. This execution of protocol had already been carried out a week before. … Continue reading Mysterious Fire Drill (Who’s the Perp?)