Mysterious Fire Drill (Who’s the Perp?)

Perp as in perpetrator. On September 17th, at approximately 1:35, during an overtime assembly that was eating into DP lunch, the fire alarm was set off. The entire school exited the building and went to their designated meeting spots. This may have seemed like a routine fire drill, but there was one problem.

This execution of protocol had already been carried out a week before.

On the field, staff and students looked around to see where a fire would have broken out in the school. At first the whole situation seemed normal; ASW isn’t unfamiliar with situations like these as many remember the fire in the cafeteria in late 2016. However, from the perimeter of the school, there was no sign of smoke or a blaze. The whole situation became even more strange when firetrucks didn’t even show up to inspect the scene.

Many were confused by this happening, and wondered what caused the rise of alarm, at such an inconvenient time. Arguably, the juniors and seniors were most affected by the change in schedule as they lost a vital part of their day. As compensation, they did receive additional time until 2:10 to eat lunch.

“I was disappointed in our school at the time, that they didn’t care too much about our nutritional needs, 15 minutes was not enough.” Maja K, gave this statement on the whole matter.

All that can be reported so far is the only information that has been released by the school, “We are still investigating cause of the alarm. It was triggered from the Annex building, but, while the building has been cleared for safe re-entry, we do not yet know what triggered the alarm.”

 It is unclear who could have pulled the alarm; the entire high school was in assembly, middle school had classes, and elementary students rarely go into the Annex.

Warrior News will keep you updated on the happenings of this story as it develops, feel free to send in any tips to

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