Senior Retreat a special moment for ASW

By Denny Cheong and Grace Oh

The Senior Retreat is the last class trip ASW students get to go on; that fact separates it from the other class trips ASW ran this year.

The ASW Class of 2019 the morning the Senior Retreat began.

The seniors left school grounds on Thursday, September 6th, after taking the senior hoodies pictures at 8:30. After arriving in a camp called Rancho, the seniors partook in a load of activities in order to know each other.

One of the activities that the seniors did there was when they had to lead a blindfolded fellow classmate around the camp, making them feel things like tree branches and rocks. As Mr. Sheehan pointed out that trust is very important in a class, this activity was really great in building stronger bonds with classmates that they might not have really been close with over the years.

One of the most memorable activities was the campfire, where the students sang along to songs such as “Wonderwall.”

“The best moment was sitting around the campfire because we really were able to feel like one family and we are bonding because we all know the same songs and all wanting smores and we were all sitting and it was just a nice atmosphere,” said Zofia K. (12).

Not only was the Senior Retreat a time for one to bond with other classmates, but it allowed the seniors to self reflect on themselves. “The senior retreat really put in to the perspective how I choose my friends. I learned that instead of limiting myself to a selective few, I could instead open myself up to may different personalities, ideas, and amazing friendships,” said Bogdan Z. (12).

The seniors received a heartfelt celebration upon their return Friday afternoon, their lockers decorated and their parents waiting to greet them.

“It was the best school trip of my entire life. It almost felt like another dimension. I really missed it right when I left the bus. I spent a lot of time with people I care about and love,” Zofia K. (12).

Jihyeon K. (12) offered some post-Retreat advice for future seniors: “Take a lot of pictures and try to talk to people you don’t normally talk to because you may create stronger bonds.”

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