ASW Launches Alumni Website

By Jeong Bin Lee

The ASW Communications Office is developing a new alumni platform project to bring ASW alumni together in a variety of ways. Although the project is to be officially introduced after Christmas, Warrior News was permitted to present the project early in hopes of encouraging the current seniors (class of 2019) to start signing up.

A screenshot of the ASW alumni platform.

As the name implies, the alumni platform project is mainly a social network where the ASW alumni have the opportunity to keep in touch by chatting, sharing memories through pictures, and planning events with other registered alumni. The website has a jobs section where working alumni are able to offer jobs, internships, and other work-related options to help expand their professional networks.

A unique feature of the site is that you can directly contact other alumni about such offers and ask for their advice. One of the main goals of this platform is for the former students to become valuable mentors for the ASW community.

The people in charge of this project are Mr. Brunt and Mr. Munnerlyn. Mr. Brunt, a social media and communications specialist for ASW, and also the main operator of the alumni platform, said that this idea was suggested by someone who runs a similar platform in another school. Adhering to the suggestion, Mr. Brunt and Mr. Munnerlyn created a proposal and submitted it to Mr. Zurfluh sometime during May, and that is how the website came into existence.

When asked about his main concerns about the platform, Mr. Brunt said that it’s stressful to think about the website being inactive and the lack of activities, jobs, and mentors. “In other schools, these [alumni platforms] have been going for several years, but only have 160-ish members.” There’s also the cost of running the website and registering the members. “It’s free for the members but we actually pay for every single member who registers,” said Mr. Brunt. Therefore, he hopes that students and alumni that do register as members will become committed users.

The good news is that the site already has two school job offers and a reunion meetup on Dec. 21.

As of this week, there are approximately 156 ASW alumni on the website, including some students who have attended the school for only a year and teachers who were past students at the school. As Mr. Brunt’s pie chart displayed, from the 156 members, 94% were alumni, 1% students who have pre-registered, and the remaining 5% are teachers. Mr. Brunt clarified that even students who have only attended ASW during elementary school are eligible and welcome to join the community.

A surprising fact is that the oldest alumni on the platform graduated in 1975, 43 years ago.

Although the ASW alumni Facebook page has approximately 613 members, it currently remains quiet with little news from the hundreds of alumni. The new platform,, is meant to resolve those problems and soon a mobile app is also going to be introduced.

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