New Faces: Mr. Simon

by Annabell Werner

With a new school year starting, ASW gained new members to the community. One of them is Mr. Noel Simon, a new addition to the Learning Support department.

Mr Simon on the loose. Photo courtesy of Mr. Simon.

Mr. Simon and his wife, who is originally from Ohio, US, moved here from Beijing, China, where they worked at the Western Academy of Beijing. According to Mr. Simon, the decision of moving here was quite easy. “It was not hard to leave Beijing, I was ready to leave.”  

But there were some other difficulties. “Transitioning here was harder than I thought, not because anything was really difficult. It was just so much different. I just felt tired all the time of getting used to new things.” One of those differences were the number of people in the two cities. Mr. Simon said, “There are a lot fewer people here, so it feels much quieter.”

Over the years Mr. Simon has taught EAL and MS Computer Technology. “I think that many students can teach themselves the things that they’re interested in or need to know. Maybe they need some guidance from time to time, but I think that I can have more of an impact on Learning Support students and form a partnership with them to help them accomplish their goals,” he said. “An LS teacher can sometimes be something of a coach that works across all subjects and isn’t confined to just one.” He continued, “One of the things that I like the most is the relationships that I’ve formed with students. Since I usually work with smaller groups, it can be much easier to get to know students as people and not just students.”

Mr. Simon looks forward to traveling Europe. “I love to travel. It’s one of my main reasons for living abroad. And so I’m looking forward to easy quick travel around the area.”

Of all of the places he has been, said Mr. Simon, “My favorite place that I’ve taught so far was Vietnam. I liked teaching there because I liked living there. Plus Vietnamese students are probably the most polite and respectful students who I’ve ever taught.”

While he is new here, Mr. Simon’s best memory of Poland so far was “riding the bus to school and seeing a whole field of sunflowers on the way here.”

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