Notes on Camp: The 9th Grade Journey to Adventure

By Adam Whitmore and Theo Wyatt

On September 2nd, the 9th grade embarked on their first trip of the year. The freshmen travelled to Jura, a region in southern Poland known for its beautiful rock patterns and castles.

Photo by Daniel Wilson.

The trip was described as “a huge success” by Mr. Adam Gąsiejewski, 9th grade humanities teacher. He also commented that “all the objectives of the trip, like team building, being pushed out of your comfort zone, getting to know each other, and making the world more accomplished, were all achieved.”

He dubbed the 9th grade “a fun group, with a lot of unique individuals, but also an ability to work together.”

Students also enjoyed the trip. Daniel W., a grade 9 student, said that it was a great way to connect with people whom he hadn’t met before. “You learn so many new things about people, during and experience like this,” said Daniel. “It would have been nice to have good food, and and a warm bed though” he added. Among the activities that the grade did were a ropes course, zip lining, crawling through a cave, orienteering, and rock climbing.

Photo by Daniel Wilson.

The activities were “Challenging but rewarding” said Daniel, in reference to the rock climbing activity, in which students scaled huge rock faces and even rappelled off of cliffs.

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