New Year, New Catering: Meet Solivoda

by Fiona Haze and Sophia Ciolek

When students, teachers and parents came back to either eat or just chat in the school cafeteria at the beginning of the school year, they were surprised to see a few major differences. First: what in the world happened to the organisation of the tables? And second: What happened to the layout of the old cafeteria? August the 21st wasn’t just the beginning of a new school term, it was also the beginning of a new school Cafeteria: Solivoda.

The ASW cafeteria. Photo by Fiona Haze.

According to A. Nesterowicz, a representative of Solivoda, the new company was chosen because of its ten year experience in the catering industry, by its inspirations for food taken from other cultures, and by the goal to have each and every person find something that they would enjoy among the choices presented. One thing they are proud of is the fact that they serve healthy and fresh food in a variety of options and do not use any additives that could have a negative effect on a students or teachers health.

Nesterowicz also says that she sees that the students appreciate the new food being served in the cafeteria, and that they want to serve the best food to as many people as possible; the company believes that wellmade, healthy food is truly beneficial to young students who need nutrients and energy in order to perform their best in and out of school.

But what do the students think? Vicky D., a 10th grader, starts off by saying that she doesn’t think that so many changes have occured. She then states that she thinks that the actual meals are better, since there are more options to choose from. One thing that she finds negative, nevertheless, is that the catering company has chosen to take away many of the snacks students enjoyed last year. She now can’t grab something in between classes, but has to rather bring something from home.

Philip H., a 7th grader, thinks that the food is healthier due to the fact that they have removed some of the unhealthy options. On the other hand, he believes that the system for buying the food is much worse, since it is slow and you have to stand in line longer. He brings home lunch because it is both a healthier and faster option for him.

Mya. W., an 11th grader, thinks that the food is better than the food last year, and states that she really enjoys the salad bar.

Zuzanna K., a 10th grader, also doesn’t think that major changes have occurred. She thinks that the salad bar has become much better, due to a variety of options. One thing that she sees as a negative, is that the ice cream is gone.

Tymon M., an 8th grader, says that the cafeteria is cheaper now, and better for sure. He also states that there are more snacks which are healthier. Also, he says that there are more options for the warm food, and that the menu is much clearer this year and includes prices which he thinks is good.

Mr. Pitale, an Upper School English teacher, thinks that the school cafeteria has undergone a positive change. He has only eaten from the salad bar, which he likes, and believes that the lower prices and high quality has a great effect on the students at ASW.

Ms. Kielcz, an upper school Polish teacher, eats lunch at the cafeteria almost every day, and likes how there is a large selection of food available for her as a teacher instead of simply the leftovers which she got last year from the school cafeteria. She also enjoys how the food which tastes mediocre, and that the menu isn’t repetitive.  One thing that she still has problems with, is the prices of some products and the amount of food that she receives. She states that she believes that the prices of some products and the quantity of the food should be adjusted and be more relevant to its audience.

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