New Features at This Year’s UN Day

By Amelie Rehbein

UN day is coming up this Wednesday, October 21st, and this year it will feature two new student-led activities: UN-themed trivia and an MUN table.

UN Day
Picture taken from the American School of Warsaw Facebook page.

This year the student leadership council has organized a UN day trivia competition in which three representatives from each grade will compete for grade points. The competition will involve questions that are related to the history, flag, famous monuments and culture of various countries.

According to Grace O., one of the organizers of the UN day trivia, the council was “ thinking about how we could make UN Day more interesting and engaging to the students” since many students said that UN day wasn’t fun or interactive for high school students. “Through this, we thought we could successfully get people to be excited about UN Day and allow our student body to become more interactive and also introduce the idea of the grade level competition to them,” said Grace.

The student leadership council is encouraging all grade levels to participate by sending three representatives from each grade to play trivia during the assembly taking place this Tuesday in the theater at 1 pm. The first, second and third place will be getting grade points ranging from a value of 50 to 150 points which will count as points for the year-long grade competition between grades ranging from 9th to 12th grade. Students can sign up on a google form (which can be found on the high school bulletin) in order to have the chance to be randomly chosen to participate.

The second new feature, on UN day itself, will be an MUN table which can be found amongst other nations’ tables in the old gym. Defne O., a secretary general in the club, says that as a club they “were trying to figure out ways to promote our new conference, ZYGMUN which is coming up in April, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.”

“Having an MUN table only seemed right,” she said. “After all, it is UN day, and our club is based off of the United Nations institution.” For this reason, the table will feature a few fun facts about the United Nations and how it works as well information about the club.

“Another purposes for putting up this table is to collect donations for UNICEF, which is very much present in Warsaw,” adds Sehar M., a deputy secretary general in the club. “There will an educational quiz with a fun prizes, a slideshow to show what a debate can look like, as well as a fun conversation with our secretariat about world issues and the United Nations.”

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