Business Management Comes to ASW

By Defne Apaydin

This school year, ASW gained a new class with a new teacher: Business Management and Mr. Dachpian.


According to Mr. Dachpian the decision to move to Warsaw was quite spontaneous and exciting. “I was standing in line at a Popeyes Louisiana Fried Kitchen waiting for my order of spicy chicken wings in Istanbul, Turkey when the guy in line next to me asked if I wanted to work at an American school in Warsaw. I finished my meal, washed my hands and jumped on the next flight to Warsaw.”

ASW did not offer Business Management class before this school year. According to Mr. Dachpian, students in the new course “learn business management theories along with how a business functions. Regarding the management aspect of the course, students learn how businesses create information to make better business decisions.”

Claudia V. describes business management as “engaging because we learn about different companies and their backgrounds and how they work; it’s informational.”

According to Jacqueline R., ”business management is interesting because these are concepts that we never looked at before and exploring them makes the class interesting. Also, it provides us with a set of various skills that we can use in the future.”

“I don’t necessarily think the course or subject is what makes the class interesting,” said Mr. Dachpian. “It’s the interest of the students. You can take any course, fill it with unmotivated and uninterested students and the course won’t be good or interesting at all. Vice versa, with motivated and interested students you can make any class good/interesting/important.”

Mr. Dachpian says that he started working when he was 16. “I have been working since I was 16 and I have had lots of jobs. Some jobs I had were for experience and others were for survival.” He has worked in several countries as a business management and economics teacher. “6 years teaching public school in Southern California, 8 years teaching in Shanghai, 2 years teaching in Istanbul, and now teaching in Warsaw.”  

“What I hope my students learn from taking the course is that business is not just about making money,” he said. “You can make money without being involved in business. Business is about providing people with something that you have that other people want or need in an ethical manner.”


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