ASW Alumna Produces Documentary

By Zofia Ciołek

As a school that has been around for over sixty years, ASW is proud to have many notable alumni. And one of them, Klaudia Gainza, American School of Warsaw graduate of the class of 2005, has produced what might be a feature documentary: Too Beautiful: Our Right to Fight.

Movie poster taken from

Last Friday, Ms. Gainza took the time to come back to ASW and present a snippet of this new film to the students, also answering many questions about the movie, its production and what being a producer is really like.

Too Beautiful: Our Right to Fight follows women boxers in Cuba striving to be recognised in a country that does not allow female fighters to participate in any form of the sport. The focus is placed on the journey of Namibia Flores Rodriguez, a boxer on the brink of sports retirement, who is determined to change the way that Cuba views its women boxers, and to allow them to compete in the Olympics.

According to Ms. Gainza, the film is a passion project of the director, Maceo Frost. At first it was only supposed to be a short film of just twenty minutes; however, under the encouragement of Ms. Gainza, it has now become a feature film that will most likely be available on streaming platforms worldwide.

“I always wanted to do a feature film and I saw it as an opportunity to do just that. I love working with Maceo so it didn’t take a long time to persuade me to join — so for me it was more like, ‘the door has finally opened’,” said Ms. Gainza.

This film, however, is not only eye-opening about the situation of female athletes, but also on the general state of the Cuban poverty.

When asked what really surprised her the most about her travels to the country, Ms. Gainza stated that “I had expected poverty in Cuba, but this was… another level of poverty. There certainly was a huge contrast between the five star hotels and the people counting each of their rice grains in order for each family member to get an equal share.”

Too Beautiful: Our Right to Fight will be screened in cinemas city – wide from Monday, October 15th onwards. It will most likely be available on Netflix and / or Amazon somewhere in the near future and will be sold as DVD’s in Germany and the Netherlands.

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