Just Code and the Gardening Club Add to ASW Clubs

By Jake Lupu

The Just Code club and the Gardening Club are both new after school activities at ASW this year.

Just Code is ASW’s very own coding club, organised by Mr. MacKenty, HS computer science teacher. Meeting every Thursday after school in the computer class room, members spend around an hour just coding. The main purpose of Just Code is so students “fall in love with programming,” Mr. MacKenty said, adding that there are some “minor secondary goals related to world domination…and lightsabers,” amongst other things.

Some important things to note are that members “use the same programming tools and languages as professional programmers,” which ensures that they will hit the ground running if they want to become a programmer and need to learn a specific language. Even if it isn’t the one they learnt in the club, they will have learnt to “identify a problem and create a meaningful solution through programming,” said Mr. MacKenty.

The Gardening Club in action. Photo by Jake Lupu.

The Gardening Club is run by Ms. Wallace, with the help of David B. (11) and Gabriel H. (11). While the club is new this year at ASW, gardening isn’t. There are multiple gardens and beds around the campus, with the ES one being heavily used. The club sometimes drops in and helps the younger students.

The beds Gardening Club is focusing on can be found at the back entrance, where there are 2 composters and fruit trees, and 5 growing beds. The second place is by the far side of the track; the condition of those isn’t as good as the other ones, however, so they are currently focusing on improving the soil quality. Over the summer, groundskeepers at ASW donated the grass they mowed; the cafeteria is also doing their best to donate to the compost bin as much as they can: citrus, carrots, basically all fruit and vegetable waste from cooking is going into the compost. This is mixed by Gardening Club members with dead grass and put on the fallow beds to try to give them a boost.

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