ASW MUN Heads to Berlin

by Annabell Werner

BERMUN is a conference imitating the United Nations and all its committees. This year the conference will be hosted for the 27th time by the John F. Kennedy School in Berlin, Germany. This year’s conference is attended by about 76 schools from  24 countries. From those, about 700 delegates will be separated into ten committees, in addition to students working in the Press team and the Secretariat.

ASW invades BERMUN. Photo courtesy of Mr. Julien.

This year ASW participates with fourteen people, meaning ten delegates two Press Team members, one ICJ and one member of the Secretariat. This is the largest representation of the school in the six years ASW participated in BERMUN.

The conference began with a speech by the President of the General Assembly, Lars B., who officially opened the conference. Three speeches by key speakers such as followed and ended with a Q & A session entertained by both houses.

Since the conference follows the theme “Strengthening Global Cooperation: Navigating Power Politics in a Shifting World Order,” all the speeches were about the connections between different countries in the world and how they are affected by events such as Brexit.

Following this, the Press team presented a video about this years conference, where they interviewed chairs and the secretariat about the theme of this year’s conference. Later the Secretary-General, hold a speech about Strengthening Global Cooperation.

The conference continues in Berlin until Sunday.

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