HS Halls Nearly Decked

by Yoo Jin Lim and the Warrior News Staff

The annual grade competition, Deck the Hall, ends tomorrow, December 10th, 2018.

Theme: Willy wonka.
9th Grade Hallway, photo credit to Haruka Shimizu

The aim of this competition is to bring the grades together, and to raise holiday spirit yet it also results in a lot of stress and conflict.

Theme: Christmas at the beach
10th Grade Hallway, photo credit to Amelie Rehbein

The points are based on a newly-created criteria from the student government that assesses the creativity, originality, and aesthetics of the decorations based on a theme that the grade chooses. If a grade does not participate in this competition, they will not receive points.

Theme: Nightmare before christmas
11th grade hall, photo credits to Jeong Bin Lee

Mr. Taylor, the department head for Lang & Lit, said “I think that the previous Deck the Halls were always wasteful with the materials so I like the new rubric for the material efficiency.”

Theme: Childhood memories
12th Grade Hallway, photo credits to Denny Cheong

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