Holiday Bazaar Hits ASW

by Maya Sirotin

On the 14th of December ASW held their traditional Holiday Bazaar.

Photo courtesy of the ASW Facebook page

Organised this year by Taylor B. and Jan S., the Holiday Bazaar has been an ASW tradition for many years. They initially took it on for their obligatory CAS project but found that it was much more fulfilling than expected.

When asked about her and Jan’s role in the bazaar, the 11th-grader said, “We essentially did everything in terms of getting what you see on the day to its needed location. We needed a CAS project to graduate with full credits, so we thought this was a fun project for a good cause.”

Taylor reported that, this year, a lot of hand made items would be available at the bazaar. There are handmade stuffed-animals, artwork, bags and jewelry, glass animals, traditional Polish pottery, cupcakes and other baked goods available. There are also many stands selling for charitable causes.

Photo courtesy of the ASW Facebook page

When asked about why she thought the bazaar was such a vital part of ASW’s preparation for the holidays, Taylor replied “it is a really great way to bring the community together, I think that it is one of those special events that anyone from any part of the school can participate in.”

This seems to be a very popular opinion. 10th grader Fiona H. said that the bazaar “really gets you in the holiday spirit and allows you to celebrate Christmas with a different group of people with a different perspective on the holiday”.

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