Personal Project Arts Showcase Tuesday Night

by Natalia Dokla

Tuesday night, 10th-grade students will put on the first ASW Personal Project Arts Showcase.

This is the first year in the history of ASW that students are required to create an MYP personal project.

The personal project is an extended project in which students explore their personal interests by conducting research and creating a final product that reflects what they have learned. Students are given around a semester to do this.

The more detailed, official MYP Personal Project goals

According to Ms. Swanson, ASW’s MYP Coordinator, the Personal Project is connected directly to the mission statement of the IB and “allows 10th graders a way to demonstrate aspects of the IB Learner Profile in action. Students really have to stretch themselves as learners and dig into their own personal inquiries. By having them connected to a global context, the topics are made bigger and may connect to the local community and/or the world. “

I interviewed three sophomores to see what they thought about this new addition to the program.

When asked to describe their projects, Fiona H. said, “My personal project is to raise awareness for people with disabilities through the way in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, cultures, beliefs, and values by creating artworks based off of my Andalusian horse painted both by people with a handicap as well as myself, to demonstrate different perspectives in art.”.

Both Max S. and Kasper B. are coding a game.

Prior to the Christmas break, all three students were confident in their progress. Fiona told me that her project is “going very well since I already managed to create half of my final product, which are paintings by both people with a handicap and myself.”

Similarly, Max claims to have made much progress and Kasper said, “Thus far it’s going, I would say, quite well. I think I’m a week behind but I hope I can catch up with it over the Christmas break”

Enthusiasm for the project has waxed and waned as students have worked on it. “Personally, I am really interested in the topic of my personal project, art, since I have a passion for it. Therefore it is really something I enjoy doing,” says Fiona.

Kasper was less upbeat. “Yes, when I first started I really enjoyed researching my topic and trying to make a video game in coding, but, as the time passes, I kind of lost that enthusiasm that I had for it.”

For Kasper the most difficult part of this project is time management. Fiona says, “I think for me, it is difficult to focus on one thing at a time, since I have a hard time not doing multiple things and not rushing through my tasks.”

When asked what he thought would make the personal project better as a whole, Max responded “More time to work on the product itself and less required process journals.”

Fiona said, “Personally, for my project, I think that I am satisfied with how it is, but for the per”

Both Max and Kasper think that the personal project will be successful in preparing them for projects in the Diploma Programme next year.

Fiona hopes “that it will be successful, and that it will be something that I am going to be proud of.”

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