Why Share a Coke When You Can Watch Vlad Drink One?

If you’re one of the thousands of Instagram and FaceBook users in the greater Warsaw area, you may have seen this ad (among others) on your feed mid-January. As this advertisement was posted online, many students around ASW have seen it and wondered, why, how, and when this event happened.

Look familiar? Well, that’s none other than Vlad V, a senior at our school starring in a Coca-Cola ad. I conducted a short interview with him to garner some more information about his project.

Image Courtesy of Coca-Cola

How did you come about this offer?

“Well, I got the gig by receiving a casting call from my agent. I was very tired that day so almost ended up not going but a friend persuaded me to come with.  Three or four days after the casting I got a text saying I was confirmed alongside my friend from the agency (the girl from the ad).

What was the most challenging aspect of the shoot?

“The filming day was on December 17, literally one of the coldest days we had this winter in Warsaw. We were on set from 6 am to 11pm so it was quite tough, especially as it was outside in a -10 degree weather. It was a lot of fun though; the Cola team was very nice and helped us stay warm during the day. At one point to shoot the scene in the bus we drove like 50 km away from Warsaw to get the perfect shot, so that was interesting.”

Anything else you want to share?

“I actually did two more ads for them that will soon be coming out, can’t spoil what the content of those will be, but it will be fun! I would definitely go work with them again!”

Be sure to keep your eyes out for Vlad in another Coke ad coming soon!

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