ASW Adds Lit Magazine to School Clubs

by Gyeong Eun You

The Literary and Arts Magazine, started by 11th grade student Zosia A. with help from Ms. Ranado, is a digital magazine written by and for ASW’s high school students. Students can submit work of any type of writing, art, and photographs.

Meeting on Tuesday lunch (MYP) in Ms. Ranado’s room and Friday lunch (DP) in the commons, the members of the Literary Magazine review submitted work and develop their own creative submissions. Members may also comment and edit each other’s pieces when willing to share.

Anyone can join the club and anyone can submit their work. The submission form will be up soon, with a choice to submit anonymously. Grade 10 student Fiona H. says, “I highly encourage it. It’s a lot of fun and if you enjoy writing, poetry, arts, or any other type of creative art, you should join and submit your pieces on the website.”

In the future, members will be responsible for editing written work submitted and editing and putting together the actual magazine. Once the magazine is finished, it will be published online and will be accessible to anybody through the HS bulletin. Anyone willing to share their work may submit and publish it through the website.

For more information about the Literary Magazine, students can contact Ms. Ranado (

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