ASW Robotics Team Hits the Road

by Amelie Rehbein

Last year the ASW Robotics team made ASW history, travelling to Detroit in order to compete for the first time in an international robotics competition.

This year they’re back and ready to compete once again in Bucharest this weekend.

This Year’s ASW Robotics Team. Photo courtesy of Jack K.

The team of 5, made up of juniors and seniors, are travelling with their robot to Bucharest where they will take part in a competition that puts the robot through several tests. The competition consists of two parts: one an autonomous test, which is purely based on coding, and the other a controlled period, where two drivers control the robot and attempt to score points.

Jack K, a junior who also attended the competition last year, says that the tournament consists of semifinals and finals based on your record in placement matches. “There is one game mode that differs every year, with this year’s being called Rover Ruckus. There is also a wide variety of tasks the robot must perform such as lifting itself up off the ground, which is one of the main ones.”

Here’s a link showing what this year’s “Rover Ruckus” is all about:

“Our dream is to make it to the international competition in Detroit again,” Jack says. “However, if all else fails we want to have fun and perform well in the competition.”

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