Why Were Sophomores Awake on a Wednesday Morning?

By Natalia Sosna

The Personal Project: A phrase bound to elicit a passionate response among many sophomores. This is especially the case as students have officially begun writing and drafting their reports.

As of last Monday, students were to submit the first draft of their full report on their final product. This draft was then submitted to their assigned “feedback committee,” with whom they met Wednesday morning.

One element of this process stood out to many students: Missing the late start on Wednesday. As many have pointed out in the past, starting schools at 9:30 has been a treasured luxury.

As Fiona H. points out “Wednesday mornings are usually a time where I don’t worry about school and take the time to destress.”

“Waking up early on a Wednesday is a very unfair thing because (…) we’re all very burned out and we’re all very exhausted.  They’re taking away hours of our sleep. It’s so unfair!” says Maya S., jokingly.

On a more serious note, students like Jemma J. and Zofia C. questioned the purpose of having a meeting that is only 10 minutes long and that is so early in the process of writing reports. Given that many students have only short outlines listed in bullet points so far, they asked, is this the best time for students to receive feedback on their work?  

According to students like Gyeong Eun Y., it did not seem as if the teachers had enough time to read the report and provide specific feedback.

Out of the 7 students that interviewed for this story, all 7 agreed with the premise of having feedback committees, but all also had questions about the execution.

“I think that it’s a good idea, but the only thing for me is that I don’t think 10 minutes is enough to really discuss what I can do better and how I can improve,” said Fiona H.

“It’s not that the feedback you got was negative, it’s just that it wasn’t that what we were looking for at the moment,” said Vera J.

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