ASW Launches Priority Seat Reservation Program

By Adam Whitmore and Theo Wyatt

According to documents from the ASW Board of Trustees November meeting, ASW has begun selling Priority Seat Reservations at the school to companies that wish to be given priority for their representatives’ children’s admissions.

As many know, the ASW Annex building began in June of 2011 and was finished in September 2012 shortly before school started. The Annex now houses a band room, art rooms, and a new gym. ASW is still paying off the 7.5 million USD borrowed to pay for the Annex as well as other construction loans that total 11 million USD.

To raise funds for both debts and future ASW projects, ASW is planning on implementing a priority seat system. This new system is designed around companies buying a space for an employee’s child before they enter ASW. American companies may submit this expense as a charitable donation for tax purposes.

Reserving a seat does not grant students immediate enrollment; prospective ASW students will still have to pass admissions criterion.

The Priority Seat Reservation Program aims to raise an overall goal of around 10 million USD to go towards both repaying current outstanding loans as well as planning other future ASW projects. These projects are not specified.

The payment for these priority seats will go through the American School of Warsaw Foundation Inc., registered  in the United States, or the American School of Warsaw in Poland..

This is not a process that ASW is first in instituting. According to Ms. Agnieszka Świetliczko, Marketing and Communications Director for ASW, many international schools around the world already use processes like this for similar purposes.

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