Why Are Students Around the World Missing School on Fridays?

By Jan Stebnicki and Aleks Adamkowski

Global Warming. Heard of such a thing? Students from multiple countries such as, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland have been skipping school on Fridays in order to organise coordinated protests, to demand stronger action on climate change from their respective governments. T-shirts, Banners, large rallies are just a few method’s that the students use to raise awareness.

The movement started gaining popularity after 2016 when a 16 year student, Greta Thunberg from Sweden, took a stand against the issue. Immediately she became a symbol for the youth involvement in environment issues around the world.

A country in which kids are particularly involved in this issue is Belgium. Every friday as many as 60,000 students decide to miss school and join the cause. One of the former ASW students, Emma B., lives in Belgium and we got the opportunity to ask her some questions

Does your school let you join the movement ?

Emma – For my school they have a system that you can go if your parents email and tell the school they have permission. A lot of people are going and one girl from my school has been on the news talking about how important it is.

What are your thoughts on it, do you also protest?

Emma – I’m not able to as I have no free blocks and don’t want to miss school. I know some of them have had pockets of violence but I think that it is really important we change things because we only have one earth, and future generations shouldn’t have to live in a mess.

– – –

We also asked a few members of the environmental club here at ASW to share their opinion on the issue. Jiji and Amelie, Juniors from ASW, being active members of the club shed light on what they do here in school to raise global warming awareness and their thoughts on #fridayforfutre.

What made you want to join environmental club?

Jiji – I’m interested in environmental affairs in general. I’m worried about the environment

Why is global warming awareness important?

Jiji – Because the near future we will be suffering from our action and their consequences. So I think we have to take action as soon as possible, so we can essure better future for not only ourselves but also for next generations.

As a member of environmental club, what do you guys do?

Amelie – You help organized different events and projects. We also create posters and take the responsibility of informing the public about global warming.

Are you going to the friday march in Warsaw?

Amelie – I’ll be going with my friends. We already made posters and are planning to walk around downtown. (Śródmieście Północne near Ogrodów Saskich, Saxon Gardens)

Jiji added after our interview that by the year 2048 there will be no fish in the ocean by 2048 due to our lifestyle habits and poor treatment of the environment.

The Warsaw climate march will take place between 10am and 2pm near the Saxon Gardens, downtown. For more information about the Protest visit – https://www.facebook.com/events/440753329798417/

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