ASW Board Approves New Vision for the School

By Fiona Haze, Jake Lupu, and Jemma Jones

Have you ever wondered what changes will be made in the school mentality and facilities in the near future? According to Board of Trustees documents as well as an interview with ASW Director Mr. Zurfulh, by 2024 ASW will have gone through the process of bringing a new school vision into reality, as well as becoming a continuum school.

The school as it currently stands, ready for a new vision. Photo by Fiona Haze.

According to Mr. Zurfluh, becoming a continuum school means that the programmes at the school flow into each other: Learning will be student-driven, with teachers there for guidance and assistance. “[We want] more student voice and choice,” Mr. Zurfluh said in an interview, adding that whilst it may look like freedom, it’s more of a “negotiation. It’s an open platform for having a negotiation in the context of how you learn best.”  

According to Mr. Zurfluh, this new mission is the product of the leadership team and board getting together to review data, then working with consultants to create a new mission statement.

After the board approved it, the school is now working with a marketing consultant and the marketing department in order to bring this out to the community, both at ASW, and worldwide. For example, teachers visiting for CEESA will be introduced to this vision.

Many parents and students may have concerns as to what this will do to the tuition, as there’s already been a raise in the past years. Mr. Zurfluh said, however, that it’s not a big worry, as resources are shifting from projects unrelated to the mission and being put into bringing this new mission statement to life. The school will also be “funded by corporate partnerships which will deal with the expenses” of the marketing of the school as the new school vision is implemented.  

There are some main changes that Mr. Zurfluh envisions. For example, there will be “more student voice and choice.” He also tells us how the core values of the school ties into the new vision. For example, the core value of making our whole world our classroom will be seen much more visible even in the hallways: you will see students working together and talking in order to problem solve et cetera.

One other aspect of the school vision is that our school facilities will be further developed, as Mr. Zurfluh says that the goal is to “replace barriers and walls with glass and openness.” In other words, the school facilities will be changed, which was already a plan since the building is nearly 20 years old and in need of improvements and renovations.

With these new improvements and renovations, will come additional buildings, like the forest school that one can read about in the school vision proposition by the Board of Trustees.

Even though the school vision might seem far away, it is a possible reality. For more information, you can find the proposition made by the Board of Trustees called “New School Vision”.

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