IBDP Y1 Chemistry Students visit Anpharm

by Haruka Shimizu

On May 21, the 11th grade IB chemistry students visited the Anpharm Pharmaceutical Company in Bialoleka.

ASW Students touring the Anpharm Pharmaceutical Company. Photo by Haruka Shimizu.

The Anpharm Pharmaceutical Company is part of the French Servier group and was established in 1992. Out of 15 manufacturing sites worldwide, Poland has the 5th biggest manufacturing site. According to Joanna Drewla, the General Director of Servier Poland, “The Servier Manufacturing Site currently supplies nearly 100% of medications dedicated to Polish patients.”

When they arrived, the chemistry students were first given a presentation about the overview of the company and their objectives. They emphasized the quality of their medications, which was shown by their precise laboratory work.

Students saw the packaging process and, later, the lab process of their products. Students were unable to enter the lab rooms, but instead watched the packing of medicine into bottles, sealing them with the correct labels, and serialization. Serialization is a new process that seals a unique number to the products to make transports and tracking easier. It was just implemented in February 2019.

Later, the students were taken to a storage room containing the finished products which would be exported to different regions around the world. Many were fascinated by the different conditions the medicines were stored in, ranging from 25 to 40 degrees celsius.

Arnel V. (11) said he liked seeing the practical application of the concepts we learned in class such as organic chemistry and said, “it really strengthened my interest in chemistry.”

Hyoungmin L.(11) added, “I liked how we got to see each process of the production and packaging, learning that each step was crucial for the next.” It showed him that re-testing each sample is important.

Overall, many found this trip to be an eye-opening experience, as the students had the opportunity to see how medicines are tested, packed, then distributed to patients in Poland and around the world.

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